Montag, 5. Dezember 2011


Hello hello, welcome to this very fresh blog! 
Here you will find out  
about me, Tanya, the product design student and how I fell in love with crooked vegetables. That much, that over the last half a year I dedicated a lot of my time to those beloved vegetables. I became a huge collector, which wasn't always easy, since the vegetables I was looking for are the forgotten and abandoned ones. They are the CULINARY MISFITS. They don't fit in any standard norm and therefore we never get to see them anymore. Instead they get wasted. Because today we want the perfect body, the perfect skin, the perfect nose, the perfect everything ... and of course we also want the perfect carrot, too!

So this is what this project here is about. It's meant to raise awareness about how we treat our food, how much we waste and how perfect this world really is. It is also my bachlors project, by the way! Which is coming to it's end. But how better could it end than with a new beginning?!

 After doing months of research about our food culture and being intensely shocked I was wondering how I could raise awareness about the fact that we waste about half of our food and decided that I want to take those forgotten veggies and bring them to the people. And this is what I am planning to do tomorrow. So I propably should go to bed right now...

So please check back here every once in a while. Over the Christmas holidays I will keep feeding this blog with some interesting links I came across while doing my research, I will be posting recipes and also put up some more of my lovely vegetables I found along the way!

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